Reverse Osmosis

ADEPT Pure Water Ltd offer a Full Range of Reverse Osmosis Systems, these include the following units:

This innovative unit is fully skid mounted and includes an easy to use Pre Filtration system with optional High Flows or High Reject Membranes and has a very high recovery rate Min 98%... View Product

Our ECO RO units offer a range of water production flows from 100 Ltrs/Hr to 600 Ltrs/Hr* with numerous options to suit your production requirements.

Designed to offer Primary... View Product

Reverse Osmosis is a technical process that requires a semi-permeable membrane to aid in the removal of large particles or impurities from tap or sea water. It is essential that a Reverse Osmosis system runs at high pressure as it is this force that allows any particulates to become captured in the membrane and help produce clean water, known as Permeate.

One of the advantages is that any impurities that have been captured on the membrane is swept away by a Concentrate stream. This stream of water contains all the large particles and waste water and voided by the system. Depending on the unit, the water is either recycled by passing through the machine again or disposed.

Additional benefits mean that the constant cycle of Concentrate continually cleans the surface of the membrane, prolonging its life and reduces maintenance costs. When compared to conventional filters, another vantage means less periodical cleaning or replacements, therefore posing economic and environmental advantages.

Our Systems:

Our range of Reverse Osmosis systems are designed around your production needs and are available to meet water production flows from 200 ltr/hr up to 30,0000 ltr/hr.
These systems also offer Automatic Cleaning, Single Pass, Twin Pass, Chemical Dosing and Central Control on the whole Water Purification System with High Flow (HF) and High Reject (HR) Membranes as standard.

As an extension to our services, we have developed a compact, fully skid mounted ECO RO unit that is designed and manufactured to meet small volume water productions with minimal installation and commission times. Offering production flows between 100 ltrs/hr to 600 ltrs /hr, all our ECO RO units offer Primary Grade RO water that is suitable for many uses, from Window Cleaning make up to high quality Pharmaceutical and Electronic grade water.

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